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ITEM: When the buckle wraps around a finger, like the serpent or snake, it can be interpreted as a symbol of eternal love (an unending circle or bond). This gold buckle ring is 18k Yellow Gold and Enamel. This ring dates back to the 1930's. 


The buckle motif has been popular through out jewelry history. It was popular during the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian periods.


Victorian life was filled with symbolism and jewelry was no exception. A buckle symbolized fidelity in love, romantic love, a bond that could not be broken, loyalty in friendship, and love of one's family, all symbolized through the joining of the two pieces.

MATERIAL: 18k Yellow Gold and Enamel



RING FITTING: All of our rings can be resized smaller or larger by our antique jewelry specialists. Email us at if you have questions about ring fitting. 

Art Deco 18k Yellow Gold Enamel Buckle Ring

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