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ITEM: Early 1900's Italian Pietra Dura pendant on it's original sterling chain. Pietra dura translates to "hard stone" in Italian, but also refers to the artistic practice of inlaying stone into a hard backing to create pictures. The stone inlay work is so finely crafted, that pietra dura often looks like a painting. The "hard stone" that is used in pietra dura includes agate, jasper, lapis, jade, malachite, onyx, quartzes, and alabaster. Typically the backing will be made of black marble or onyx. Pietra Dura pieces were most commonly made into brooches, it's very rare to find this style of work in a necklace! 

MATERIAL: Sterling and natural stones.

CHAIN LENGTH: 15.5 inches

PENDANT DIMENSIONS: 2.0" inches long by 1.25" inches wide

Italian Pietra Dura Necklace

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